Our Areas of Expertise

CapRisk Consulting Group brings a practical means of problem solving to all of your actuarial risk and business insurance matters. CapRisk has the depth of expertise and breadth of knowledge across all major industries and practice areas. Our practice areas are lead by fully-credentialled Fellows of their respective professional societies, each having twenty-plus years combined company and consulting experience.

CapRisk colleagues can provide expert consulting services in the following practice areas:

Actuarial Consulting Services

Captive Insurance - Formation and Maintenance

Property & Casualty - Workers Compensation, Medical and Other Professional Liability, Commercial General Liability, Automobile, Other Property and Casualty

Employee Health & Welfare Benefits

Retirement Plans & Regulatory Compliance ( FAS 106, GASB 43 and GASB 45 )

Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

Retirement Risk Consulting

CapRisk Insurance Consulting


As the world of business risk and insurance changes often, please continue to check www.CapRiskGroup.com for updates to your area(s) of interest on our website.

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