Employers Own-Risk Programs 

CapRisk provides custom consulting solutions to a diverse range of clients across many industries. Our colleagues are working with Employers to assist with Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) and Traditional Insurance Programs, and have experience with all lines of business. How we can help…

  • Captive Insurance and Risk Retention Groups - Formation and Maintenance
    • Captive (Actuarial) Feasibility Study, Loss Forecasts, Program Evaluation, Organizational Structure, Pricing/Premium Determination, Capital and Surplus Requirements, Domicile Review, Overall Cost, Financial Scenario Modeling, Loss Reserve Analysis, Loss Certification (Actuarial Statement of Opinion), Schedule P Reconciliation, IRIS Ratios, Retention Analysis, Dividend Evaluation
  • Self Insurance Funds and Trusts – Formation and Maintenance
    • Loss Reserve Analysis, Loss Certification (Actuarial Statement of Opinion), Benchmarking, Data Management, Loss Forecasts, Probability Study, Retention Analysis, Evaluation of Funding Levels, Loss Allocation (Department or Operation)
  • Self Insured Groups and Pools – Formation and Maintenance
    • Loss Reserve Analysis, Loss Certification (Actuarial Statement of Opinion), Evaluation of Member Contribution Levels, Benchmarking, Data Management, Loss Forecasts, Loss Allocation (Member Insured), Dividend Evaluation, Probability Study, Retention Analysis
  • Traditional Insurance Programs (Guaranteed Cost and Large Deductible Programs)
    • Cost Studies, Loss Reserve Analysis, Benchmarking, Data Management, Loss Forecasts, Retention Analysis, Probability Study, Evaluation of Funding Levels, Loss Allocation (Department or Operation)
  • Other Consulting Services (Ad-Hoc Studies) – Just because it doesn’t fit nicely in one of the aforementioned categories, we may still be able to help…


As the world of business risk and insurance changes often, please continue to check www.CapRiskGroup.com for updates to your area(s) of interest on our website.

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