Property & Casualty

CapRisk has the expertise and experience to meet the increasing demands for consulting services with all aspects of Property & Casualty coverages. CapRisk can help, whether your risk concern stems from Workers Compensation, Medical Malpractice and Other Professional Liability, Commercial General Liability, Automobile, Other  Property and Casualty lines of business.

CapRisk offers a full range of actuarial and business consulting services for all types of Property & Casualty lines in the areas of Design and Implementation, Administration Support, Compliance, and Consulting. We can provide clients specific consulting services for:

  • Captive and Self-Insured Property & Casualty lines - Preparation of actuarial evaluation and certification; Consulting for funding or design of coverage for individuals, groups, trusts, and pools; Optimization modeling for reinsurance programs
  • Traditional Property & Casualty Insurance lines – Consulting for funding or re-design of coverage for individuals, groups, trusts, and pools; Pricing, reserving, reinsurance, and product development for insurance companies; Company examinations and rate filing reviews for regulatory authorities
  • FAS/GASB Compliance - for private/public sector property & casualty lines; Preparation of actuarial valuation and certification
  • Other Property & Casualty lines – Manufacturer's standard and extended service warranty coverages, Surety, Cat modeling; Preparation of actuarial evaluation and certification; Consulting for funding or re-design of coverage
  • Coverage/Structure Design, Documentation and Ancillary Services - Coverage/structure cost comparison studies; Compliance Testing; Audit and filings assistance
  • Other Consulting - Loss Portfolio Transfers; Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructures; Expert Testimony; Audit assistance


As the world of business risk and insurance changes often, please continue to check for updates to your area(s) of interest on our website.

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